Zhuhai Haotian Electromechanical Technology Co Ltd (Zhuhai Haotian Insulation Technology Co. Ltd) is currently the air conditioning compressor motor insulation accessories manufacturers worldwide, is, Meizhi compressor Lingda compressors, Matsushita compressor's main supplier, which is the world's largest rotary air compressor manufacturer GMCC company awarded the title of outstanding supplier collaboration meizhi.
        The company is located in Zhuhai Toyama City Industrial Park, Longshan Industrial Zone, sales and professional design, processing, production of various kinds of insulation materials and accessories; for manufacturers and motor compressor manufacturers of domestic and international famous brands, supporting the production of motor motor joint with polyester film and the processing of the insulating sleeve (including ordinary common Insulstion connect tube adapter sleeve heat Strink, heat shrinkable sleeve, polyester sleeve) lead tube or motor lead wire casing lead cover tube, phase insulation and motor insulation parts assembly, frame, insulation and frame insulation insulation,.....

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