Service support

Has 8 self-developed automatic insulation components production line; in addition, there are 40 manual insulation components production unit. Leading technology, good quality reputation, covering more than 200 varieties and specifications. Each year for customers such as supporting Meizhi, Matsushita phase insulation components 100 million.


With the independent development of the lead screw sleeve 60 automatic production lines, advanced technology, customer referral rate is low, covering various types of more than 300, every year for Meizhi, Matsushita, Linda, rechi supporting the production of 150 million pieces.


Has independently developed the ice pressure aluminum wire motor for heat shrinkable insulation sleeve automatic production lines, technology reached the international advanced level, stable quality, is one of the few of the product production enterprises, with an annual output of 50 million pieces of heat shrinkable insulation sleeve.


With independent development of joints, insulation sleeve automatic production line 18, advanced technology, quality stability, high degree of automation equipment, the workshop requires only one operator. The joint annual Meizhi, Lingda supporting the production of various specifications of customers such as insulating sleeve 200 million.


In addition, the company has a number of internal and external insulation automatic production lines, automatic stamping machine 10 units, 2 film opening machine, and related advanced detection equipment. Each year for supporting the production of customers, the outer edge of 30 million pieces, rack insulation 20 million pieces, motor interphase insulation 50 million pieces, and polyester film coil material 300 tons.